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Ahoy there!!

Hi people!


Man this past few weeks have been annoyingly odd.

For one my motivation to complete the many man stories and designs I have comes in waves. Its so so easy to start something but finishing it is another thing, it’s the middle part that always zaps my creative juices.


Its like once you get to the middle everything starts to bend and droop father away from you so you just get lazy and start to drag your heels.


BUT! I must prevail!! I really do want to release the series that I feel will be the most readable for young to old audience which is DEADEYES© the dedication to which has already been clamed by my ten year old protégé haha.


After that a slightly darker but not so much so that a young audience will not be able to read it would probably be NIGHTKING© which originally was inspired by one of my many kooky day dreaming sessions [I have them a lot]


There is a really old piece which was probably one of the second fully planned stories I had ever written and if my motivation returns I will defiantly dedicate time and energy on it because I spent a lot of my time planning the environments, world, races and mythology for the entire thing. Also the protagonists could not be further apart in terms of characteristics and backgrounds which I always think gives a great feel to a story.


Well that’s all for now folks if you wish to check out any of my art works then please visit my home site @ www.crimsonblack.co.uk