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The voices will win one day

After weeks of constant barrage from the perentals my brain is staring to visualize going on rampages of murder death kill at more and more regular intervals. Some people would consider that rather alarming all I can say is it’s a welcome break to drift off into the gory mess instead of listening to the blackboard scraping voices of my family as they screech on and on like a broken record.


And then as well as sifting through the endless crappy jobs from job centres and the other trillion job sites all claming to be the best all I am left with is call centre jobs, yes the money is great but huzarr I doth recall that be where I lost my last vestiges of mind the last time I was in their clutches.


And I cooked death pork, pork chops from two days ago that smelled ok to me but we shall wait and see what tomorrow brings. I guess if I spend the early morning clutching the rim of the toilet seat and having my stomach explode then it really was death pork and the feeling of my insides burning off with acid is a sign that I may once again narrowly escape death by food.


I swear I cut that steak up I guess I didn’t really judge how much of it I could ram down my throat and attempt to gulp down all in one go. Watching the TV and eating does not go hand in hand I feel, the divided attention can be fatal.