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small update

So i added gallery to my site lol, for one I’m not much of a code kinda gal so i went with the lazy option of gallery. I'm sure you have all came across it before on other sites, mine still needs tweaking (a lot) so for now the original art page i did have with lightbox and such is now officially GONE! :O


In its place is Gallery 2 so at least now you can SPAM me with hate comments :D


Go have muck around with it if you like, there’s some art that i have removed from my DA gallery and some art i have never submitted. HERE


Also that alter ego application for livejournal is quite fun, I made three badges :D

Another thing is the project which involves Vicious and Gabriel which you have already seen drawn up has been getting a lot of my brain lately so two chapters have been written up and added. DEADEYES© on the other hand is still trundling along but not quite as fast as I wish.

So enjoy all the little updates and please check out the new gallery on my site because now you have the option of commenting :D