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Ahhh *sits back and enjoys a cup of tea*


I do like a moment to sit and be mildly happy that I have finished something to the specifications I was given and to have the added bonus of the finish piece being admired.


Well your probably wondering wtf I’m rambling about. No I’m not mad, I finished up a commission for a book cover the other day for Chris Orford and his book ‘The four wanderers the rise of the black hand’

I think its genre is fantasy but I haven’t had the offer to read anything of it which is a bit poo cause it would have given me more artistic insight into the character I was requested to draw but it all turned out well anyway :]


I have a lot of other things to be getting on with, one of the main things is the change/rebuild of my main site, I’m even thinking of changing CrimsonBlack into something else as there’s a art firm called Crimson & Blake which sounds similar *cry* I don’t know how long they have been running not that it matters much.


I have a lot of revamping to do and also a chance to get myself employed either as a contracted artist or freelance, personally I would like to remain freelance but contracted would mean stable money at the price of me meeting deadlines :E and we all hate deadlines, stressy.


So for now I will probably be concentrating on the site and increasing advertising and hey also my art skill as at the moment I am in no way satisfied with my level and a better artist makes better money :D


Chow for now!