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Bottle of la de da

So yeh its been a while ain’t it!?


All I can say is my projects aint been finished yet but I’m still getting and doing commissions for people. The latest one being a book cover deal but until I get the full details I aint crossin my fingers heh.


I have a project I still need to give a name too but heck I have finished a hell load of notes and details on it enough so I can completely finish it given the time and concentration.


I have completed two bits of character concept art for it, one I did a while back of one of the main characters ‘Vicious’ the other one was a few days ago of the character Gabriel Viniche (click on his name to see him) purely because I had an idea of him in my head that I needed to get down on digital paper heh.


The DEADEYES project has been kicked off and with two big chunky chapters already finished and being proof read then crited by the proposed age range of kids I think its very much on its way to becoming a chronicle.

Anyway aside from commissions and un-named projects I have a lot to do, also a business I have been named second director of is something I have in the back of my mind so any more updates I will let you know.


Also congratulations in order for my dear friend Rei who got married! I feel my biological clock ticking :<