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Things to do

Well it’s completely frustrating when you have so many offers to do work for other people on the topic you love.

I think I need to stop for a moment and gather my wits before continuing.


For one my ‘business idea’ had been granted full support with the opportunity to have my product on the bodies of fairly famous people which in my head is awesome.


If everything works out it means that for once I will be getting to do exactly what I want and working for myself. I think there’s nothing better than carving out your own niche when you can’t seem to find one you fit into irrelevant of all the other worker bees saying its wrong to not want to fit chokingly into society  along with all the other drones.


Yah I aint no worker bee so fingers crossed if my gear takes off then I will have a lot of side projects, that also includes the writings but for now I can officially say their on the back burner until A, I can write better B, I improve all aspects of my writing so to make sure ‘exactly’ what I see in my head gets through to the reader via paper and C, my brain is so full of the other ideas I can’t concentrate on the writing projects.


So for now


Fingers crossed


And watch this space.