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shoop de woop

Ahh once again the wave of boredom washes over the Crimson one.

I tried to get a few bits of gift art out the way and did so with two pieces you can view on my home site so at least for now that’s out the way. I also sent some gear off to be reviewed and critted to death by 'professionals' so hopefully they will rip things apart so i can restart knowing where my weakness lies haha. Even though to be honest i know where my weakness is when it comes to writing. Basically in school i never or rarely listened and was 99% in trouble so when the grammar and punctuation section of my education was missed :P so simple things like structure and punctuation are always missing in anything i write.

As for the weakness in my art i think its proportion, shade and general practice without direction, which has probably damaged my skill level.
And for now i have to concentrate on work life and earning those precious pennies that seem to make the whole world go round :]