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On occasion i come out with statements such as:

"I find death an annoying period of silence where walking on eggshells around certain people is required and leaves you with a moment where you look at yourself for a bit longer than necessary"

sometimes i wonder if i am permanently drunk and or high… I don’t think its rather healthy for a person to start pondering too deeply, if left they might unravel the very universe and get the colours mixed up and then where would we be?


*goes to sleep*


small update

So i added gallery to my site lol, for one I’m not much of a code kinda gal so i went with the lazy option of gallery. I'm sure you have all came across it before on other sites, mine still needs tweaking (a lot) so for now the original art page i did have with lightbox and such is now officially GONE! :O


In its place is Gallery 2 so at least now you can SPAM me with hate comments :D


Go have muck around with it if you like, there’s some art that i have removed from my DA gallery and some art i have never submitted. HERE


Also that alter ego application for livejournal is quite fun, I made three badges :D

Another thing is the project which involves Vicious and Gabriel which you have already seen drawn up has been getting a lot of my brain lately so two chapters have been written up and added. DEADEYES© on the other hand is still trundling along but not quite as fast as I wish.

So enjoy all the little updates and please check out the new gallery on my site because now you have the option of commenting :D



Ahhh *sits back and enjoys a cup of tea*


I do like a moment to sit and be mildly happy that I have finished something to the specifications I was given and to have the added bonus of the finish piece being admired.


Well your probably wondering wtf I’m rambling about. No I’m not mad, I finished up a commission for a book cover the other day for Chris Orford and his book ‘The four wanderers the rise of the black hand’

I think its genre is fantasy but I haven’t had the offer to read anything of it which is a bit poo cause it would have given me more artistic insight into the character I was requested to draw but it all turned out well anyway :]


I have a lot of other things to be getting on with, one of the main things is the change/rebuild of my main site, I’m even thinking of changing CrimsonBlack into something else as there’s a art firm called Crimson & Blake which sounds similar *cry* I don’t know how long they have been running not that it matters much.


I have a lot of revamping to do and also a chance to get myself employed either as a contracted artist or freelance, personally I would like to remain freelance but contracted would mean stable money at the price of me meeting deadlines :E and we all hate deadlines, stressy.


So for now I will probably be concentrating on the site and increasing advertising and hey also my art skill as at the moment I am in no way satisfied with my level and a better artist makes better money :D


Chow for now!

Bottle of la de da

So yeh its been a while ain’t it!?


All I can say is my projects aint been finished yet but I’m still getting and doing commissions for people. The latest one being a book cover deal but until I get the full details I aint crossin my fingers heh.


I have a project I still need to give a name too but heck I have finished a hell load of notes and details on it enough so I can completely finish it given the time and concentration.


I have completed two bits of character concept art for it, one I did a while back of one of the main characters ‘Vicious’ the other one was a few days ago of the character Gabriel Viniche (click on his name to see him) purely because I had an idea of him in my head that I needed to get down on digital paper heh.


The DEADEYES project has been kicked off and with two big chunky chapters already finished and being proof read then crited by the proposed age range of kids I think its very much on its way to becoming a chronicle.

Anyway aside from commissions and un-named projects I have a lot to do, also a business I have been named second director of is something I have in the back of my mind so any more updates I will let you know.


Also congratulations in order for my dear friend Rei who got married! I feel my biological clock ticking :<

Things to do

Well it’s completely frustrating when you have so many offers to do work for other people on the topic you love.

I think I need to stop for a moment and gather my wits before continuing.


For one my ‘business idea’ had been granted full support with the opportunity to have my product on the bodies of fairly famous people which in my head is awesome.


If everything works out it means that for once I will be getting to do exactly what I want and working for myself. I think there’s nothing better than carving out your own niche when you can’t seem to find one you fit into irrelevant of all the other worker bees saying its wrong to not want to fit chokingly into society  along with all the other drones.


Yah I aint no worker bee so fingers crossed if my gear takes off then I will have a lot of side projects, that also includes the writings but for now I can officially say their on the back burner until A, I can write better B, I improve all aspects of my writing so to make sure ‘exactly’ what I see in my head gets through to the reader via paper and C, my brain is so full of the other ideas I can’t concentrate on the writing projects.


So for now


Fingers crossed


And watch this space.



shoop de woop

Ahh once again the wave of boredom washes over the Crimson one.

I tried to get a few bits of gift art out the way and did so with two pieces you can view on my home site so at least for now that’s out the way. I also sent some gear off to be reviewed and critted to death by 'professionals' so hopefully they will rip things apart so i can restart knowing where my weakness lies haha. Even though to be honest i know where my weakness is when it comes to writing. Basically in school i never or rarely listened and was 99% in trouble so when the grammar and punctuation section of my education was missed :P so simple things like structure and punctuation are always missing in anything i write.

As for the weakness in my art i think its proportion, shade and general practice without direction, which has probably damaged my skill level.
And for now i have to concentrate on work life and earning those precious pennies that seem to make the whole world go round :]


Ahoy there!!

Hi people!


Man this past few weeks have been annoyingly odd.

For one my motivation to complete the many man stories and designs I have comes in waves. Its so so easy to start something but finishing it is another thing, it’s the middle part that always zaps my creative juices.


Its like once you get to the middle everything starts to bend and droop father away from you so you just get lazy and start to drag your heels.


BUT! I must prevail!! I really do want to release the series that I feel will be the most readable for young to old audience which is DEADEYES© the dedication to which has already been clamed by my ten year old protégé haha.


After that a slightly darker but not so much so that a young audience will not be able to read it would probably be NIGHTKING© which originally was inspired by one of my many kooky day dreaming sessions [I have them a lot]


There is a really old piece which was probably one of the second fully planned stories I had ever written and if my motivation returns I will defiantly dedicate time and energy on it because I spent a lot of my time planning the environments, world, races and mythology for the entire thing. Also the protagonists could not be further apart in terms of characteristics and backgrounds which I always think gives a great feel to a story.


Well that’s all for now folks if you wish to check out any of my art works then please visit my home site @ www.crimsonblack.co.uk




The voices will win one day

After weeks of constant barrage from the perentals my brain is staring to visualize going on rampages of murder death kill at more and more regular intervals. Some people would consider that rather alarming all I can say is it’s a welcome break to drift off into the gory mess instead of listening to the blackboard scraping voices of my family as they screech on and on like a broken record.


And then as well as sifting through the endless crappy jobs from job centres and the other trillion job sites all claming to be the best all I am left with is call centre jobs, yes the money is great but huzarr I doth recall that be where I lost my last vestiges of mind the last time I was in their clutches.


And I cooked death pork, pork chops from two days ago that smelled ok to me but we shall wait and see what tomorrow brings. I guess if I spend the early morning clutching the rim of the toilet seat and having my stomach explode then it really was death pork and the feeling of my insides burning off with acid is a sign that I may once again narrowly escape death by food.


I swear I cut that steak up I guess I didn’t really judge how much of it I could ram down my throat and attempt to gulp down all in one go. Watching the TV and eating does not go hand in hand I feel, the divided attention can be fatal.